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    5 Tactics to Build Trust With Virtual Decision Makers When Selling SPM

    It’s harder to build trust when you aren’t with buyers in the same room. Here are five tactics we see working for sales reps as they interact digitally with virtual decision makers in the market for SPM.

    1) Distribute personalized video

    When you use customized videos to engage buyers on their favorite channels online, make sure you use all three kinds of personalization:

    1. Company. If the firm recently had a M&A event, you might congratulate your prospect on the acquisition or mergers and ask how they’re thinking about integrating the two organizations’ sales teams. 

    2. Person. If someone just got promoted, it’s a perfect opportunity to ask if they now own revenue operations. Or if their alma mater played recently, you might comment on the terrible (or amazing) game.

    3. Industry. Share top pain points you hear from others in that person’s industry.

    Pro Tip: When you embed videos, animated thumbnails are the most likely to catch attention and build trust, since static images don’t show movement. Facial expression and body language make up 55%. (Tone of voice is 38%, and words are only 7%.) 

    2) Sit back from the camera

    Body language is 55% of communication, so sit back a little bit during recorded videos and Zoom calls. You will make more of your body visible. (Obviously, don’t go too far. You don’t want to be a speck on the screen.)

    3) … And periodically lean forward

    Looking in a person’s eyes is another good trust builder, so lean forward periodically and look directly at the camera. It’s as close to virtual eye contact as you’ll get.

    4) Use (many) people’s names.

    We all know a buyer’s favorite word is his or her name. Go a step further and use names of multiple people on the buying committee—in conversation, of course, and also in emails and subject lines.

    5) Professionalize your WFH office, with employer stipends 

    Pro Tip: Does your home office support a professional impression? Make sure you’ve tapped into your employer’s WFH stipend for high-speed wifi, and a good desk chair, Webcam, and monitors.


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