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    5 Things We Learned at Xactly CompCloud 2017

    We attended Xactly CompCloud in San Francisco last week - here are the top 5 things we learned:

    1) A Focus on Partnerships

    On the main stage of Xactly CompCloud, Xactly CEO Chris Cabrera highlighted the importance of partners in the Xactly ecosystem.  Xactly’s view is that they can focus on incentive compensation software, allowing partners to focus on what they do best.  As an Xactly incentive compensation consulting partner, we fully embrace this focused approach and are proud of our role in broadening Xactly’s ecosystem.

    2) Xactly Launches Insights for Sales

    This update to Xactly Insights allows your sales team a full picture of their efforts and activities within the Xactly platform. Users can compare sales performance across groups, regions, and ranking, and use this insight to adjust rep behavior. The update also provides action recommendations, and benchmarking functionality.

    3) SimplyComp - A DIY Comp Solution For Small Businesses

    Xactly’s SimplyComp solution gives small businesses the flexibility and scalability of an ICM tool, without the upfront investment of a full-blown implementation.  It provides out-of-box functionality with templates, compensation plans, and analysis tools.  This is an exciting and new approach to incentive compensation and should help with overall adoption of Sales Performance Management technologies.

    4) New Capabilities for Xactly Connect Coming In 2017

    The new Connect functionality boosts operational efficiency and functionality that furthers users’ ability to seamlessly move data between their Xactly solution and their larger business ecosystem. This update includes direct integration with Workday, the leading Human Capital Management solution, as well as JDBC driver support, expanding opportunities for automation at Xactly customer sites.

    5) New EU Data Centre

    In December of 2017 Xactly will open a data centre in Germany to support its EMEA operation as their customer growth and demand continues to grow, better serving the needs of their international customers.  Our operations in Europe are certainly excited about this new flag planted in their backyard.

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