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    Agile Sales Teams Rely on Intangent for Sales Performance Management Services, Support and Consulting

    Just as a builder’s tools require a skilled worker to craft a quality finished piece, your sales performance management solution requires expertise to deliver the ongoing performance you require.

    A properly-managed incentive compensation management solution goes beyond fixing and preventing errors during the payroll cycle. Managed services, a service offering designed to help you run your Sales Performance Management solution optimally, should be aligned with your sales team’s strategy.  A managed services partner will help you respond quickly to changing market needs, expand or realign territories, accommodate mergers and acquisitions, and roll out new compensation plans.

    On demand Sales Performance Management support

    Even if an implementation was supported by a vendor, if ongoing support is 

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    dependent on the availability of select individuals then the system won’t allow you to quickly adapt to change. Using the services of a specialized consulting team can mitigate that risk and fill unplanned resource gaps.


    That’s where Intangent can help. Unlike other consulting firms, Intangent has a dedicated team that is 100% focused on providing managed services for Sales Performance Management solutions. That means our best, most experienced people provide you with specialized solution support. Our services include ongoing production support to fix defects, solve issues, ease payroll cycles, process adjustments, and ensure that jobs run smoothly.  Our team also offers strategic advice and executes changes quickly, implementing enhancements that don’t add regressions to the current model.

    Fast response to changing conditions

    The high level of reliability and quality of service Intangent provides enables organizations with complex sales operations to respond quickly to changing business needs. By leveraging Intangent’s strategic advice when making changes to sales programs, your agile sales operations team can stay focused on its core business.

    As sales performance management specialists, we’ve established long-term partnerships with these industry leaders:

    Providing sales effectiveness solutions for many different industries

    As a Toronto-based firm we serve a worldwide client base, many with headquarters in North America. Our services team maintains long-term relationships with clients in a range of industries, providing support and strategic consulting for dozens of sales performance management solutions.

    For example, one of our clients, a multinational bank that had spent years in time and millions in capital trying to implement an SPM solution, was nowhere close to the finish line. Intangent came in and helped them stabilize their implementation, restore Management’s confidence in the project, and went live in a matter of months. They’re now confident in their system and actively investing in the platform by adding cutting-edge SPM capabilities.

    Contact us to learn more about how Intangent can enhance the effectiveness of your sales performance management solution.

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