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    An Inside Look into Managed Services at Intangent

    This article is the second in a series of interview pieces that take a closer look at the various teams and individuals who make Intangent a market leader in the sales performance management space. Read our first piece, an in-depth exploration of QA, here on the blog.

    A big part of the Intangent team is the Managed Services department. This team is arguably the most hands-on customer facing department in the company, and we sat down with one of their senior consultants, Andrew Kong, to get an inside look at how it operates.

    So let’s start at the top -  what does Managed Services do?

    Managed Services provides services for Post Go-Live clients. These services include but are not restricted to small enhancements and defect fixes. Once a project has been designed and implemented by the Implementation team, it passes through QA and goes live. Then comes to us for any day-to-day maintenance and year to year plan changes that might be required.

    What is it like to be part of the Managed Services team?

    Being a part of the Managed Services team allows us to understand the various of ways there are of implementing solutions.  We learn to work with many different clients and personalities every day.  I enjoy identifying the best ways of interacting with different people that make them feel most taken care of. Also, Managed Services is a great place to learn about our role as consultants in a broader way, since it requires a mix of personality and technical expertise. We manage the relationships with clients as well as maintain the high standards of technical care within their ICM implementation.

    What are the biggest challenges you face in Managed Services?

    The biggest challenge we face in Managed Services is the variety each day brings pushing us to always think on our feet. New clients with new requirements occur almost daily, you have to be able to adapt to make sure you not only understand what they need, but implement it in an efficient way.

    How do you stay ahead of the curve as the process changes and the software evolves? What happens if the customer’s needs change?

    The advantage of working in Post Go-Live environments is you can see how different people handle different components in a model. Each implementation is unique, even if the requirements are similar. The design of the solution varies from team to team, and project to project. Because we work on almost all of Intangent’s projects we are able to see the variety of ways requirements are implemented.  Seeing a bit of everything means you have an extensive toolbox to bring to a customer if and when their needs change. We know our customers’ businesses change, and what made sense before may not be relevant to their current needs.  This is what Managed Services is here for – we can adjust and tailor the solution accordingly.

    Who do you interact with the most?

    Customers for sure. I interact with my clients every day. Sometimes a quick chat and other times it’s a deep discussion about logic and expectations.

    What's the best part of your job?

    The best part of my job is representing the company in a small way to the client. The success of your relationships with the clients directly affects the way your clients sees the company – when we manage our relationships positively it’s reflected back in all of our interactions with them. It feels good to be a part of the long term impact our solutions have on our customers’ business.

    What does Managed Services mean for the customer? Does Managed Services work with all of our customers?

    Pretty much. All projects come to Managed Services at some point. For the customer, Managed Services provides them a place to find answers and solutions. We give them security against the “what-ifs” that come up when you are building models that meet specific business requirements. There’s a lot of peace of mind that Managed Services delivers to our clients because no matter how their needs change in the future, our solution can adapt and grow with them and continue to improve the performance of their business.

    Stay tuned for our next feature as we continue to highlight the people and departments within Intangent.

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