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    Announcing Our New eBook: "A Framework for Orchestrating Revenue with Quota Management"

    Dear reader

    How often do you want to read something online, and keep the tab open next to all the others in your browser? 

    The day passes. No matter. You’ll read it tomorrow.

    Then, the week ends. “I’ll retain more information,” you think, “if I read it Monday when I’m fresh.”

    All of a sudden, that tab’s been open upwards of a month.

    You could say the problem here is yours. Time management for the win. 

    You could also make a rock solid argument that the content languishing in your browser didn’t do a good job accomplishing its purpose.

    The exact same could be said about your approach to quota management, for reasons we elaborate on in our just-published whitepaper: "A Framework for Orchestrating Revenue with Quota Management," which covers:

    • Why quota attainment has fallen the last 10 years. 
    • The impacts of quota mismanagement
    • How to craft winning quotas for your go-to-market model
    • The Quota Management Maturity Curve

    Check it out, and let us know how we did keeping your attention.


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