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    CallidusCloud Connections (C3) 2017 Recap

    CallidusCloud Connections is Betting Big On Augmented Intelligence

    Part of Intangent’s modus operandi is to be heavily invested in seeking out new products and emerging trends within the Sales Performance Management (SPM) industry. This allows us to perform at our peak effectiveness and the benefits are then passed on to our clients. We were very excited to be attending CallidusCloud Connections (C3) 2017. The annual conference took place in Las Vegas and brought together the best solutions, products, and minds within the sales performance management industry.

    There was a lot to absorb over the three-day conference, keep reading to see what we believe is worth paying attention to.

    Key Trend: Moving to Mobile

    Mobile Sales Commissions Reports are making a huge push to mobile

    As technology continues to evolve, so too will our ability to leverage these advancements within the SPM industry. With the speed of business constantly changing, expect to see more sales commission reports being directly accessed through mobile devices. It’s a natural progression if you take into consideration the era that we are living in. Mobile sales commission reports enable sales representatives to access performance data, such as month-to-date attainment and commissions earned, wherever they are in the field.  Getting immediate access to these top-of-mind metrics allows reps to stop wondering what their incentive pay looks like, and instead can move on to better serving customers.

    Another key aspect where mobile sales commission reports can play a huge role in determining the success of your sales teams is through motivational reinforcement. Mobile greatly enhances sales management’s ability to motivate sales teams. In the past you might have had to endure a bottleneck with relaying key information to your entire team due to the limitations of information technology. Those delays are effectively removed from the equation through the advancements in our ability to deliver accurate sales commissions reports through mobile devices. Each opportunity to reinforce the incentive program will, in turn, reinforce the business strategy that leadership has set. This is why we believe that this strong emphasis on mobile will have such a positive impact on your overall sales goals.

    Look for more posts in 2018 as we expand and take a deeper dive into how mobile reporting is changing the way that SPM solutions can transform your business.

    Key Product Launches: CallidusCloud is Changing the Game

    CallidusCloud Lightning Commissions on Salesforce App ExchangeLightning Commissions is now available on Salesforce App ExchangeMotivating your Sales Teams and Operations was a key focus at C3 and with the introduction of Lightning Commissions, CallidusCloud has added another tool that should help businesses help their sales force further hone in on key objectives. For starters, it’s a robust time-saving tool designed at allowing more transparency with compensation plans. 

    Thunderbridge AI3
    Thunderbridge AI being introduced by CallidusCloud CEO Leslie StretchPerhaps the biggest announcement made at C3 was CallidusCloud’s industry changing, Thunderbridge Augmented Intelligence platform. Known as Thunderbridge AI3, this new solution is being positioned as software which successfully combines advanced machine learning techniques with human insight to further equip sales reps with the right tools to close more deals.

    As we look back at all the excitement and intrigue surrounding C3 2017, we're already beginning to plan for 2018. More specifically, we're looking at ways to efficiently integrate these new products and trends into creating the best SPM/ICM solution for current clients and potential customers.

    Evaluating tools and trends designed to positively impact the effectiveness of the lifeblood for your business requires companies to invest significant resources into key decision-making efforts. Simplify your approach and tap into expertise with Intangent. 2018 is almost here, contact us today!

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