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    Emerging Trends from the Spotlight on Sales Compensation conference

    Just this past August, Intangent had the opportunity to attend the Spotlight on Sales Compensation conference held in Chicago. It’s an annual conference that brings together hundreds of sales compensation professionals from around the country. Intangent was represented by, Jake Richmann, Regional Sales Manager and myself. It was a great opportunity to meet and network with professionals in the sales performance management field. 

    The three-day event was packed with technology demos and sessions from various solution providers, practitioners and consultants. All of Intangent’s SPM partners were present showcasing their best-in-class solutions through interactive demos.

    The conference also had great participation by members from the compensation administration teams across departments throughout various organizations looking to address challenges in sales compensation through best practices and automated solutions.

    The highlight of the conference was a technology showcase by IBM, Anaplan and Iconixx demonstrating common scenarios encountered by the Sales OPS teams as part of day-to-day usage and maintenance of an SPM solution.

    Each vendor showcased the features that made their solution easy to use, flexible and highlighted the unique functionalities that differentiated their solution from the rest of the market. It was great to see research and investments being made by all the solution provides to not just address the existing challenges in the compensation world but also provide additional value to organizations at a strategic level through analytical tools that complement the incentive compensation process.

    Besides the technical showcase, there were over 30 sessions covering a breadth of topics, emerging trends and best practices in sales compensation. There was a focus on making sales compensation communication more effective and improving the goal/quota setting process during the planning stages of the compensation cycle.

    As a leading consultancy in Sales Performance Management, it was a great opportunity for Intangent to meet with existing clients who were attending the conference as well as network with new prospects looking for mature solutions and implementation partners in this space.

    Intangent is excited to share its knowledge and expertise in the field. Look forward to a greater Intangent presence next year at Spotlight on Sales Compensation.

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