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    IBM Releases IBM ICM Version 10 (v10)

    IBM has introduced a major update to their IBM ICM software this week and it features some big changes that will make the admin functionality of the software much more user friendly.

    The biggest change is the move to an entirely web-based administration portal. Version 10 (v10) has done away with the thick ”Admin Client” and instead offers a rich web user interface to Payees and Administrator alike.

    There are several advantages to this new approach:

    • Administrators can now open several different web tabs during the same session and browse between them.
    • Third-party bridging software, such as Citrix, is no longer required.
    • IT deployment of the application is simplified.

    Other notable technology changes include the removal of Draw and Ledger components, which were rarely used, and further extending ICM’s API with more API interfaces. IBM ICM has moved to a RESTful API, which will allow many more possibilities for other applications to communicate with ICM.

    There are many User Experience improvements in v10, all of which will ease the configuration and management of incentive compensation programs in IBM ICM.  We’ve broken these changes down into sections to better explain them:

    Admin Home Page and Navigation

    1. Upon login, administrators are presented with a Dashboard that includes recent activity, watch lists, and other actions directly on the home page.
    2. New workflows and visual elements have been deployed to streamline plan configuration.

    Presenter Reports

    There are several new features in this ICM module:

    1. Easy breadcrumb navigation between different data grids.
    2. Whenever a grid is selected, any properties that are associated with it are available in a left pane and can be changed easily.
    3. Reporting formatting and editing uses a new, intuitive interface.

    At Intangent we believe these upgrades have made IBM ICM more user-friendly and intuitive to use. As a Gold Accredited IBM ICM Partner we are excited to see these changes rolled out and look forward to new developments in the future!

    Interested in IBM ICM Version 10?  Check out our Version 10 Delta Training course to get the most out of IBM's newest incentive compensation software functionality.

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