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    Smarter Territory Planning with Rep-Account Affinity

    At Intangent, we specialize in software solutions that automate your sales operation’s business processes and leverage your data to create meaningful insights and maximize revenue. We have successfully implemented Anaplan’s Territory and Quota Planning solution for clients spanning many industries, helping them optimize their sales planning processes. From our past engagements with sales leaders, it is clear they seek a planning solution which will help the sales organization to effectively identify the right sales rep and assign it to the right account to make the best use of each account opportunity. This bottom-line boosting activity is something that can be completed by identifying what is known as the Rep-Account Affinity. What does this mean?

    Rep-Account Affinity is a scoring system that quantifies the relationship and compatibility between sales reps and the accounts within their territory. The idea is to identify this score and use it to drive assignments in the planning cycle. A basic Rep-Account Affinity scoring model will score all possible account assignments and recommend the top assignments for any given rep. To take it one step further Anaplan can also calculate the aggregate Rep-Account Affinity Score, to do so it will consider the following key relationships or components:

    a) Account-Rep Complexity Relationship Score: Quantifying the service complexity of the account and relevant rep experience (e.g. tenure, industry specialization, etc.)
    b) Account-Rep Opportunity Relationship Score: Quantifying the opportunity at the account level and past performance of the rep (e.g. prior year quota attainment, etc.)
    c) Account-Rep Amity Score: Based on number of common connections (e.g. on LinkedIn) which a rep has with any particular account.
    d) Rep-Account Reach Score: Based on distance of the rep from the physical account location

    Since each sales organization is different, the model can be customized to include various other relationships or components to calculate the Rep-Account Affinity. Due to its ability to map out complex, multi-dimensional relationships, Anaplan is an ideal platform for performing this kind of analysis and diligent reporting on affinity can be a big boost for your bottom line. Quantitatively assigning your accounts, territories, and quotas to your reps will set them (and your business) up for success.

    Benefits of Rep-Account Affinity Model in Territory & Quota Planning

    • Maximize Attainment in Account Opportunity & Boost Sales
    • Optimize Rep Capacity & Capability
    • Efficient Sales Operations Processes
    • Improve Account Coverage

    Anaplan's strength is its unified planning capabilities and its patented in-memory technology that delivers strong calculation performance. Intangent is a trusted resource with high-performance experience implementing Anaplan for organizations across a broad range of industries. To learn more about our modeling offerings for your sales organization please contact us at

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