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    Responding to Disruption with Agile Sales Performance Management

    Disruption—the idea that new competitors will change the structure of a market with a new, unconventional offering—is one of the hottest topics in business today. Brands like Uber, Tesla, Airbnb, and DocuSign are all disruptors in their respective markets. How is your business responding to competitive threats? Or, is your business the one creating new opportunities?

    Regardless of whether your organization is a disruptor or in a market that is being disrupted, your future will be a fluid one. Disruption comes with a substantial dose of change for all market participants. As someone with a vested interest in the success of your sales organization, it is your task to find ways to adapt and iterate your sales performance program in a way that optimizes strategic revenue sources, reduces the cost of sales, and increases sales team agility.

    When it comes to adapting to new market dynamics, businesses must be able to quickly adjust their entire go-to-market strategy quickly and without restriction. From the perspective of sales performance management (SPM), this means striking a balance between sales plan flexibility and rapid deployment, while also keeping in mind best practices for plan rollout, analytics, and data governance.

    Rapid Deployment of New Sales Programs

    One of the key reasons that businesses seek out Xactly’s Sales Performance Management platform  is to speed up their ability to adopt change. Legacy tools, such as home-grown incentive compensation systems, Excel spreadsheets, or on-premises software systems, require substantial resources to modify and deploy. A basic sales plan change can require an IT-managed project that takes months to spin up, execute, and deploy into the organization. This experience is in contrast to Xactly’s SPM platform, which can easily be managed by business users, such as compensation administrators.

    As with all enterprise technology, it’s not as simple as making the decision to changes and deploying to production. Your solution must be verified for accuracy, change must be managed and communicated, and in some cases, the solution may need to be further modified as new needs come to light. The best practices around how to roll out new sales programs successfully and quickly are one reason why many customers choose to partner with Intangent.

    Intangent’s team of SPM experts guide each customer’s implementation so that every rollout is successful, best practices are followed, and the full capabilities of the solution are utilized. In addition, Intangent’s Managed Services team is always there for its users with rapid-turnaround advice and support for specific compensation models.

    Partnering for the Best in SPM Customer Experience

    This need for responsiveness around an SPM platform is one reason why Intangent chose to partner with Xactly. Intangent places customers first by offering unrivaled service that is highly responsive and professional. Xactly’s customer experience also earns high marks from customers and industry analysts. These shared values make it easy for Intangent and Xactly to partner to meet customer challenges and resolve them quickly and efficiently.

    By combining Xactly’s market-leading sales performance management platform with Intangent’s market-leading solutions and Managed Services, businesses are rapidly reshaping their go-to-market strategies to overcome competitive threats.

    Interested in learning more about how leading businesses are adapting to change in their markets? Meet with the Intangent team at Xactly Unleashed, booth in the Hyatt Regency Atrium, to discover how Intangent and Xactly have partnered to bring cutting-edge agile solution management methods that supercharge sales performance management.

    About Intangent

    Intangent is a sales performance management consultancy.  We work with sales organizations to plan, implement, and manage their sales performance technology solutions.  Our commitment to customer success has led to hundreds of successful incentive compensation, territory management and quota planning deployments.  Intangent is a privately owned company established in 2005 and headquartered in Toronto.

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