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    Intangent Tips - Impersonate End Users for Report Validation in IBM ICM (Varicent)

    Modern Incentive Compensation Management software applications are feature-rich solutions. There’s a lot of functionality available and many users may not be aware of some easy tricks to streamline their sales compensation administrative processes. If you’ve ever found yourself asking the question “How can I make sure the reports my sales team sees are showing the right information?” then we’ve got the solution for you. Here's how you can impersonate end users to validate the reports they'll see.

    Using IBM ICM to Impersonate End Users for Viewing Incentive Compensation Reports

    Everything that’s calculated within your IBM ICM / Varicent model can be summarized and presented via an end-user report. Things like Compensation Statements, Payroll Exports, and Manager Summaries are all examples of various reports within IBM ICM. However, it can be challenging to test and preview your reports as they will be seen by the end user within the ICM Presenter Report Module.
    The process list module allows an admin to impersonate various users in order to preview their report. This can aid in the testing and validation of end user report results and allow your admin team to observe exactly what the end user sees when they view their desired report.

    Six Steps to Streamlined Reporting Within IBM ICM

    1. Add a new process list from the IBM ICM admin client Home tab:

    screengrab of adding a new process list

    2. Add a new process list task:

    screengrab of adding a new process list task

    3. Select the presenter report you wish to add to the process list to view and select “View” from the activity drop down:

    screengrab of selecting presenter report

    4. Save the process list and click on the name of the report you wish to view:

    screengrab of saving process list

    5. Select or search for the payee you wish to impersonate.

    screengrab of searching for payee

    6. You will now view the report as if you were the user you selected. You will also be able to test items not available in the preview pane of the Presenter Report module such as selecting values from pick lists and drill-through links:

    screengrab of report view

    Impersonating your end user to ensure the report they see is accurate and easy to understand will go a long way to alleviate confusion and support demands. This is a simple and sometimes overlooked trick that delivers big value to your admin team, so it’s worth exploring within your IBM ICM model.

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