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    We are a fast-growing, market-leading consultancy. Our work environment is exciting, fun, and fast-paced and we encourage our team to take initiative and lead the way. We stand for fair play, diversity, and respect. Sound like a good fit? See our open roles.

    Our Culture & Values

    At Intangent, our culture has developed over years of learning what works for us. We make an effort to do more of what’s good, like working together to achieve common goals and over-delivering for our clients. We also work to eliminate what’s bad, such as constantly working nights and weekends or having to push mountains of paperwork because some decade-old process requires it. Finally, we also work to identify and emphasize what makes us successful, and that largely comes down to market-leading client experience.

    Our Beliefs

    We believe this culture makes working at Intangent fun, rewarding, and an exciting challenge. Whether you are in a leadership position or just starting your career, you will need to learn to make good decisions, adapt to a dynamic environment, win client trust and work as a team.

    Ready to dive in?

    We look forward to meeting you!