Intangent's Compensation Plan Design Guide


Move past potential and directly into powerful motivating compensation plans for your sales force.  Download Intangent's FREE Sales Compensation Plan Design Guide and learn how to design plans that motivate sales teams year after year! 

What's in the Guide?

  • 14 key componenents to sales compensation plan design thoroughly explored
  • Intangent Insights designed to enhance your understanding

Who is this Guide for? 

  • Sales comp plan design beginners
  • Sales comp plan veterans in need of a refresher
  • Sales comp plan designers currently planning for the New Year

Why Should You Download this Guide?

  • Comprehensive guide created to assist with your compensation plan design
  • More than 10 years worth of industry knowledge packed inside!

Compensation Plans are Critical to Organizational Success

Great incentive plan designers understand the intricacies involved in aligning key business objectives with motivational strategies designed to lead sales teams.  With multiple objectives, scenarios, and variables constantly jockeying for position, it's vital for compensation plan designers to be equipped with essential knowledge while developing a make-or-break comp plan.  For those unfamiliar or just beginning their journey into comp plan design, the task can seem daunting.  Intangent’s Compensation Plan Design Guide was created to assist comp planners of all skill levels.    

Throughout the guide we cover key components, highlighting areas that all comp planners should focus on:

  • Setting Compensation Philosophy
  • Job-Role Validation
  • Measures & Weights
  • And much more!

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