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    Accuracy & Automation With Incentive Compensation Management

    Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) solutions allow for automation in the administration, calculation, reporting, and analysis of variable-based pay programs. It increases overall accuracy, which reduces costs, and provides a clear, comprehensive picture of sales commission and sales compensation plans.

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    How ICM With Intangent Can Fuel Your Business Growth

    Sales operations require a constant infusion of time, energy, and expertise to ensure the best results. Even with investment in an automated Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) solution, success is not guaranteed without support from solution experts. Intangent can provide the resources and knowledge needed to deploy, manage, and optimize your solution, maximizing the benefits of ICM.


    Intangent's team has been excellent to work with during our implementation project under tight timelines. The team understands our business needs, has deep product knowledge, and has frequently guided us to solutions that automate our sales compensation processes to gain efficiencies. On top of that, the entire team is professional and easy to work with.

    — Kim Chung, Director of Global Sales Compensation, Fortinet

    The Impact of Reliable Incentive Compensation Management

    Intangent works in partnership with leading businesses to select, implement, and optimize Incentive Compensation Management software.

    Total Impact & Incentive Compensation Management

    Deciding which integrations, data feeds, reports, and sales plans to automate with which Incentive Compensation Management platform is no small task.  With our Total Impact Framework, you can make objective, data-driven decisions that consider the opportunity, timeline, costs, and risks associated with each viable option. Impress those you serve with confident decisions grounded in expert advice.

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    What It’s Like Working With Intangent

    Discover how Intangent’s selection, implementation, and optimization services are unmatched in the service provider industry.

    Minimize Incentive Administration Overhead Get More Without Doing More

    Don’t let tedious administrative tasks get in the way of accurate analytics by implementing an automated ICM service.

    Leverage Reliable Data Support Data-Driven Selling

    Learn more about your sales team, customers, and products by leveraging precise data and a practical analytics tool belt.

    Strengthened by Partnership Partnered With Top ICM Vendors

    We’ve partnered with the industry’s leading ICM vendors to bring you comprehensive, best-in-class solutions. They provide the software and we provide the expert services to implement and manage the solution.

    Your SPM Journey Flexible & Adaptable

    Whether you’re just beginning to explore a new SPM solution or looking for support on an existing deployment, we have tailored services for your unique needs.

    Experience Total Impact of ICM

    Are you ready to drive growth with an effective ICM strategy? If so, we’re here to support your ICM journey.