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    Sales Performance Management

    To set yourself apart in your industry, you need the tools that successful Sales Performance Management (SPM) solutions can provide. Motivating the sales team, analyzing performance, optimizing sales plans, and making great sales operations decisions are all possible with well-implemented SPM tools.

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    What SPM Is & Why You Need It

    Sales Performance Management (SPM) enables organizations to inform, plan, optimize, and reward seller performance. As a result, motivation, morale, sales wins, and gains in momentum are boosted. Organizations relying on homegrown software or Excel-based solutions for sales commission calculations are unable to satisfy the demands of modern sales operations, including the need for insights, agility, transparency, and performance.

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    We can't say enough about how focused Intangent was during our intricate build process. We had a very tight timeline for completion with many complex compensation plans. The two-week training program was very thorough and informative. It encompassed impressive materials for future reference and was well structured. The experience was a huge success.

    — Ashley G. Frazier, Financial Reproting Manager, Tandus Centiva

    The Benefits of SPM Automation

    Intangent works in partnership with leading businesses to select, implement, and optimize SPM software.

    Total Impact & Sales Performance Management

    Need to balance strict budgets against a requirement for Sales Performance Management?  Not sure which SPM product to select, business unit to automate, or SPM expansion project to embark upon?  With our Total Impact Framework, you can make objective, data-driven decisions that consider the opportunity, timeline, costs, and risks associated with each viable option. Impress those you serve with confident decisions grounded in expert advice.

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    What It’s Like Working With Intangent

    Discover how Intangent’s selection, implementation, and optimization services are unmatched in the service provider industry.

    Committed to Quality Service-Driven

    Fulfilling a contract is not the same as delivering a quality solution. At Intangent, we care about quality.

    Strengthened by Partnership Partnered With Top SPM Vendors

    We’ve partnered with the industry’s leading SPM vendors to bring you comprehensive, best-in-class solutions. They provide the software and we provide the expert services to implement and manage the solution.

    Fast & Effective Intangent’s Iterative Methodology

    Leverage our proven deployment process to launch your high-quality SPM solution quickly.

    Your SPM Journey Flexible & Adaptable

    Whether you’re just beginning to explore a new SPM solution or looking for support on an existing deployment, we have tailored services for your unique needs.

    Experience the Total Impact of SPM

    Are you ready to drive growth by aligning and motivating sales teams? If so, we’re here to support your SPM journey.