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    Managed Services

    It takes time, resources, and application knowledge to manage, optimize, and alter enterprise Sales Performance Management solutions. Intangent has the expertise to provide the maintenance and support that your business needs to continue growing your team.

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    Make Ongoing & On-Demand Consultation Work for You

    When you partner with experts like Intangent to support your sales performance management solution, your compensation team has more time for other priorities. From understanding sales effectiveness and strategy to generating sales performance analytics, your compensation team will be overjoyed to have more time in their day to do what they signed up for — not tedious management and mitigation.

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    The Intangent Advantage

    Intangent works in partnership with leading businesses to select, implement, manage, and optimize SPM software.

    Expedite Execution The Right Result at the Right Time

    By integrating Intangent into your SPM management strategy, you can be sure the right changes are made the very first time.

    Sync Services Scale Your Solution Alongside Your Growth

    Sync your system’s growth to the company and your markets — as you grow, so will your solution’s capabilities.

    Elevate Existing Processes Continuous Improvement in Sales Performance Management

    As your SPM application evolves, Intangent’s expert managed services team will keep your application aligned to industry best practices.

    Our Total Impact Framework for Managed Services

    Every great enterprise software solution is supported by a great team.  Support models can be fluid, with unclear levels of ownership and accountability.  Let Intangent’s Total Impact Framework guide you to the right level of support for your business. You’ll see tangible results like faster execution, higher quality solutions, and confident scaling, all without breaking the bank.

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    Discover how Intangent’s selection, implementation, and optimization services are unmatched in the service provider industry.

    Experience the Total Impact of SPM

    Are you ready to drive growth by aligning and motivating sales teams? If so, we’re here to support your SPM journey.