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    Simplify the Vendor Evaluation Process

    Whether you’re a beginner just starting your Sales Performance Management (SPM) journey or a current SPM owner looking to see better results, Intangent is here to guide you to your best-fit SPM vendor.

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    Tap into Decades of SPM Expertise

    Here at Intangent, we truly want what is best for our clients. That means we consider all needs rather than push in a direction that we don’t fully believe is the best. We tap into our experience to accurately assess your needs and help you achieve optimal results. Our evaluation process incorporates current status, goals, resources, technical environment, and more to work toward a best-fit solution. Schedule Your SPM Evaluation

    Tap Into SPM Software Vendor Expertise

    Intangent works with leading businesses to select, implement, and optimize on behalf of our clients.

    SPM Solution Planning Identify Gaps & Close Them

    Intangent positions clients for success by helping identify weaknesses in their SPM approach and implementing appropriate software solutions. When unavoidable obstacles come your way, you’ll be prepared.

    Software Provider Selection The Best Fit for Your Business Needs

    Our vendor evaluation services help clients find the right software provider — not just ones with trendy marketing campaigns and industry jargon, but best in class technologies that deliver true value to your business.

    Better Business Case Development Accelerate the Investment Process By helping teams boost project appeal and uncovering real returns and motivations for investment in SPM, we expedite the approval and overall SPM rollout process to maximize your investment and decrease your time to value.
    Sales Program Streamlining Find Efficiencies in your Sales Operations

    By identifying procedural gaps and weaknesses across an organization’s current sales programs, we help clients address challenges with recommended changes and strategies based on industry best practices.

    Creating the Right SPM Plan With Vision

    Intangent helps you with vendor evaluation and gives you the most comprehensive comparison and guides you towards the right decision for your business. Through our Total Impact Framework, you can gain a clear picture of current pains, future needs, and how to bridge the gap. We help you build a sales performance management roadmap while providing expert insights and advice. The impacts include:
    • Accelerated and simplified vendor selection process
    • The ability to make vendor decisions based on data and results
    • Business case development and investment justification
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    Discover how Intangent’s implementation, solution management, and optimization services are unmatched in the service provider industry.

    Experience the Total Impact of SPM

    Are you ready to drive growth by aligning and motivating sales teams? If so, we’re here to support your SPM journey.