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    Seamless Implementation for Leading SPM Solutions

    Implement a Sales Performance Management solution that improves sales effectiveness, simplifies variable pay administration, maintains compliance and helps scale your sales operation.

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    Implementation With Expertise

    We’ve developed Intangent’s Iterative Deployment Methodology to best equip clients with fast, effective sales configuration implementation projects that don’t put a strain on resources. You get more time back in your day knowing that your SPM implementation is being managed by proven professionals.

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    The Intangent Advantage

    Intangent works in partnership with leading businesses to select, implement, manage, and optimize Sales Performance Management solutions.

    High-Quality Solutions We Always Sweat the Small Stuff

    When it comes to variable pay, precision is a necessity. Intangent’s focus on best practices, expert advice, and professional deliverables ensures your solution will stand the test of time.

    Communication & Transparency Always on the Same Page

    Projects are tough and challenges are expected. That’s why we promote open communication and transparency with our clients — collaboration is the key to developing the best solution for sales performance management.

    Avoid Common Pitfalls A Proven, Flexible Project Methodology

    Our Iterative Delivery Methodology has become the foundation for hundreds of successful SPM deployments. Our project plans minimize surprises and can adapt to changing priorities. With Intangent, you avoid these common pitfalls:

    • Ambiguous business requirements
    • Data and configuration quality gaps
    • Resource capacity constraints

    Our Total Impact Framework

    We use our unique Total Impact Framework to ensure each project is designed with its maximum potential impact in mind.

    With Total Impact, you can make objective, data-driven decisions that consider the opportunity, timeline, costs, and risks associated with any implementation and/or configuration project.

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    Discover why Intangent’s selection, solution management, and optimization services are unmatched in the Sales Performance Management industry.

    Experience the Total Impact of SPM

    Are you ready to drive growth by aligning and motivating sales teams? If so, we’re here to support your SPM journey.