Organizations who are ready to move forward with a sales performance management solution, but have not yet made a vendor decision.


Our Vendor Evaluation services are a meticulous, agnostic appraisal of the current sales performance management software landscape.  Vendor Evaluation is designed to give you the most comprehensive comparison and guide you towards the right decision for your business.  Steps include:

  • Needs assessment and analysis
  • Comprehensive software provider comparison
  • Industry interpretation and advice
  • Step-by-step guidance throughout the process


Accelerated vendor assessment augmented with Intangent expertise enables your organization to clearly evaluate the viability and fit of each software provider under consideration.  With Intangent’s Vendor Evaluation services, you will:

  • Accelerate and simplify the vendor selection process
  • Rely on deep sales performance management industry expertise
  • Make a vendor decision based on data and results
  • Develop a holistic understanding of each vendor’s strengths and weaknesses

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The vendor selection process can seem overwhelming especially when you factor in all the potential gaps in your own research and questions.  Intangent’s strategic services can alleviate all of your concerns by providing you an in-depth look into current sales performance management trends.  At the end of this process you will be better positioned to prepared to make the best selection based on data driven insights.  If you’re currently experiencing difficulties with the vendor evaluation process, let’s talk!

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