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    Territory & Quota Planning

    Sell the right products to the right clients with real-time, data-driven territory and quota planning. Leaders can ensure territories are equitably allocated, plans are met, capacity is planned — and most importantly, clients are well served.

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    Why You Need Territory & Quota Planning

    When you invest in sales territory planning, you’re creating and maintaining sales areas with the vision of maximum effectiveness and sales results. When it comes to quota allocation, you’re designating sales targets for one person or a team. Intangent’s territory and quota planning expertise ensure you can set your reps up to sell the right products to the right customers.

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    The Intangent team is fantastic. The individuals we have worked with are very responsive, and always available when we need them. They have quickly made our processes simpler and alleviated month-end pressures. Now that we have the right resources in place, we are looking forward to getting more aggressive with some of our more challenging projects, and we are confident the Intangent team will produce outstanding results.

    — Will Ward, Director of Budget and Cost, Reliance Standard Life Insurance

    What Our Territory & Quota Planning Services Entail

    Intangent works in partnership with leading businesses to select, implement, and optimize Sales Performance Management solutions.

    Tangible Results of Partnering With the Best for Territory & Quota Planning

    By integrating Intangent’s Total Impact Framework within your territory and quota planning strategies, you’ll actually see results. One of our strengths is our commitment to following through with our promises, and it’s evidenced by boosted revenue. By reducing the time it takes to publish quota, territory, and compensation plan changes, your team can get selling immediately and you’ll start hitting your numbers earlier in the selling year. You can also reduce risk with self-documenting compensation, quota, and territory plan sign-offs so every decision has a paper trail.

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    Benefits of Working With Intangent

    Discover how Intangent’s selection, implementation, and optimization services are unmatched in the SPM service provider industry.

    Rapid Deployment On Time Integration & Implementation

    Stay ahead of the competition with a modern, highly automated solution up and running efficiently with Intangent’s deployment assistance.

    Optimized Sales Plans Set Your Teams up for End-to-End Success

    Ensure your teams are up to speed on all application usage through high-touch expertise and prioritized knowledge sharing.

    Strengthened by Partnership Partnered With Top ICM Vendors

    We’ve partnered with the industry-leading territory and quota planning software vendors to bring you comprehensive, best-in-class solutions.

    Experience the Total Impact of Intangent

    Are you ready to drive growth with an effective territory and quota planning strategy? If so, we’re here to guide you on your SPM journey.