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    Drive Growth With Total Impact

    Intangent’s Total Impact Framework is designed to help clients make informed SPM investment decisions that take into account outcomes, cost, timeline, and risk.

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    The Total Impact Advantage

    Make SPM investment decisions with confidence using Intangent’s Total Impact Framework.

    A Win for Sales Teams Total Impact helps sales teams by prioritizing the reports, dashboards, and workflows that will get sellers selling.
    A Win for Finance Use Total Impact to demonstrate the value and viability of incentive expense tracking, forecasting, and effectiveness.
    A Win for Sales Operations Surface and justify the need to align territories, quotas, and compensation plans to strategize with our Total Impact Framework.
    A Win for Human Resources Incorporate sales capacity planning, variable pay program compliance, and sales rep performance monitoring into your SPM project with Total Impact.

    The Four Components of Total Impact

    Our Total Impact model is applied project by project to fit each client’s risk profile, appetite for investment, time to value, and desired project outcomes. Total Impact is a holistic analytical tool used to gauge the costs and viability of various project options. Your business destiny is in your hands.

    Total Impact of SPM

    Discover the tangible business value of automating Sales Performance Management

    Return on Investment Experience an ROI to Brag About

    The overall average result that companies achieved was a 13 month payback period; ROI of 204%.

    Increase Sales Results Don’t Let Opportunities Slip Through the Cracks Companies will miss the equivalent of 5% to 10% of annual sales as lost opportunities which could have been captured by improving the management of overall SPM.
    Scale Your Team Allocate Your Resources Optimally

    Organizations adopting incentive compensation management technologies reduce processing times by more than 40% and decrease SPM administration costs by more than 50%.

    Improve Payment Accuracy Eliminate Unnecessary Errors

    SPM software can reduce errors (for example, commission overpayments) by more than 90%.

    Experience the Total Impact of SPM

    Are you ready to drive growth by aligning and motivating sales teams? If so, we’re here to support your SPM journey.

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